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Alchemistic spa

Castellum Natura

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine and the almost-forgotten teachings of alchemy, the Castellum Natura spa offers harmony and balance with a range of massages, soothing baths and personal beauty treatments especially designed for your own particular needs.

Pure ingredients

The soul of nature

It is in our nature to crave well-being – and the keys to well-being can be found in nature too. Aromatic mountain herbs, fragrant flowers and precious oils and essences – we prepare all our care products using these pure, natural ingredients in accordance with our master herbalist’s ancient alchemistic formulas. As a matter of principle, we never use any premade cosmetics products.

.Powerful effect, individually concerted.
The power of nature in the Castellum
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Renate De Mario Gamper

Traditional herbal lore

Where most people would see only green meadows, our master herbalist and natural healer Renate sees rejuvenating extracts, delicious edible flowers and herbs with healing properties. Once you know the secrets of nature, you see the world with different eyes. Renate’s knowledge is the foundation our Castellum Natura spa is built on, and flows into all of our treatments and care products. She also shares her wealth of experience through workshops and themed walking tours.

.Castellum Natura Alchemistic Beauty Care

Our care products

Original Fragsburg Beauty Care

Our alchemistic elixirs aren’t reserved exclusively for the Castellum Natura. A small selection of our meticulously prepared care and cosmetics products are also available for purchase. Sometimes, Renate is there in person to share her formulas and wisdom.

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Castel Fragsburg is hibernating

Unfortunately, because of the current situation we have to postpone our opening. We will open our doors once it is safe and the health policy allows us to do so. Of course, we are at your disposal you can reach us by phone or mail during the following office hours. (Mon – Fri: 09:00 - 15:00)

Extended cancellation policy for 2020

We want that, at least for your holiday planning, you don’t have to worry. Therefor we have changed our cancellation policy for this season. You can change or cancel new or existing reservations for free until 48 hours prior to your arrival.