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Day Care
The moisturizing Feyen Elixir Dies is suitable for all types of skin. It has a protective and firming effect and ensures a healthy and radiant skin. It reinforces the dermatological “hydrolipid jacket”, which surrounds the skin like a protective shell.
I N G R E D I E N T S :
• Jojoba oil increases the flexibility of the skin.
• Almond oil soothes and balances the skin.
• Hazelnut oil has a tissue strengthening and protective effect.
• Argan oil prevents moisture loss and protects against skin damaging free radicals.
• Linseed oil, hempseed oil and Neroli improve the cell regeneration.
• Palmarosa makes the skin resistant, protects against negative environmental influences and refines the skin texture.
• Rose oil from the Bulgarian rose optimizes the moisture balance, it has an astringent effect on the capillaries, therefore reduces redness on the face and slows skin ageing down.
U S E :
Spray Aqua Basilius on the cleaned face, then add with your finger tips a few drops of Feyen Elixir Dies on your face, eye area and neckline and gently massage the elixir in. The synergy of the precious herbal oils and the natural hydrolat regenerates the moisture balance of the skin. The regular use increases the elasticity of the skin. After the use close the
bottle tightly and store it in a cool and light protected place to avoid oxidation.
Night Care
The careful combined active substances of the Feyen Elixir Nox activate the self-regeneration capabilities of the skin and have an enhancing and strengthening effect. They provide intensive moisture and calm irritated skin. Even very sensible and demanding skin can be nursed without stress or irritation.
I N G R E D I E N T S :
• Jojoba oil and wild rose oil normalize the sebaceous gland function and bring the skin back to a healthy balance, even in the case of eczema.
• Sesame oil contains phytosterols and linoleic acid which regenerate and stabilise the balance of the skin for a faster regeneration of the horn layers.
• Wheat germ oil and vetiver have a blood supply increasing and elasticity supporting effect.
• Natural vitamin E in the olive oil supports the elasticity and the resilience of the skin.
• Atlas cedar has a strong cell regenerating effect and optimizes the calming and skin-caring effect of palmarosa.
U S E :
Spray Aqua Rosa on the cleaned face, then add with your finger tips a few drops of Feyen Elixir Nox on your face, eye area and neckline and gently massage the elixir in. The synergy of the precious herbal oils and the natural hydrolates regenerates the moisture balance of the skin and increases the elasticity. By regular use even marked wrinkles
will be considerably less visible. After the use close the bottle tightly and store it in a cool and light protected place to avoid oxidation.
15 ml
Intensive Care
The balancing and vitalizing Potens Serum for demanding, dry and sensible skin, supports with its structuring lipids the reformation of the skin cells, improves the skin structure, regenerates the tissue and provides a radiant and rejuvenated skin. The skin is firmer, fresher and more even. The serum encourages the skin to produce its own collagen which fills out wrinkles and gifts the skin with elasticity and velvety softness.
I N G R E D I E N T S :
• A high percentage of the effective tocopherols – Vitamin E in the Argan oil acts as an effective free-radical scavenger, phytoestrogens and ellagic acid in the pomegranate seed
oil are effective antioxidants which help to speed up the cell regeneration.
• Vitamin A in the wild rose oil supports the collagen production and regenerates the deep tissue so the skin elasticity is improved and wrinkles are filled out.
• Petit grain nurtures the skin and has a structuring effect.
• Neroli oil extracted from the bitter orange tree, is a profoundly effective aromatic oil. With its sweet scent, it touches the fine layers of the skin and has a calming and refreshing effect on the organism.
U S E :
The Potens Serum – intensive care is highly recommended as an additional care booster. To get the best results the serum should be used once a day in combination with the
Feyen Elixir Dies. Spray some of the Aqua Basilius on the moist face and add a few drops of the Potens Serum and gently massage in. The combination of the moisture and the natural lipids enters quickly deep into the pores and stores a great deal of moisture. This synergy provides elasticity, resistance and fine pored skin. On cold and icy days, we suggest using the Potens Serum pure under the Feyen Elixir Dies without the use of Aqua Basilius or Aqua Rosa.
100 ml
Hydro Energy 2 Lift
Aqua Basilius is distilled with spring water from the reverse osmosis and 100% natural basil leaves as well as enriched with orange. The natural essential oils and the spicy scent of
the basil provides the stimulating and circulation enhancing effect. Aqua Basilius is suitable for tired and dull skin as it is toning and refreshing.
U S E :
1 – 2 sprays in the face and on the neckline, than add as mentioned above a few drops of Potens Serum as regeneration care and some drops of the Feyen Elixier Dies as day care and
gently massage the combination into your skin. For refreshment and moisturizing care during the day, it can be sprayed sparingly onto the skin and evenly tapped in.
100 ml
Hydro Energy 2 Refine
Aqua Rosa is made from fresh spring water using the reverse osmosis with 100 % natural Damask rose blossoms. The natural essential oils and the sensual scent of the rose have a calming and balancing effect on irritated skin. Aqua Rosa favours the PH balance of the skin, refines it and minimizes the pores.
U S E :
1 – 2 sprays in the face and on the neckline than add as mentioned above a few drops of Potens Serum as regeneration care and some drops of the Feyen Elixier Nox as night care
and gently massage the combination into your skin. It can also be used for calming and strengthening the skin during the day for example after sunbathing. Spray sparingly on the skin and pat in evenly. We suggest using Aqua Basilius and Aqua Rosa additional to our care elixirs. They have a regulating and balancing effect on all skin types, since they contain the natural proportions of the water- and fat-soluble active ingredients of the plants and so they permanently retain the moisture of the skin.
100 ml
Body Care
Oleum Corpus for the daily care of demanding, dry and stressed skin: Highly effective vegetable oils consist, like the skin fat in its basic structure, of triglycerides. They act in and with our skin, protect, nurture and strengthen the skin’s own hydro-lipid-coat, the natural protective layer of the skin.
I N G R E D I E N T S :
• Potent composition of fatty acid and Vitamin E from the sweet almond oil and jojoba wax
• Phytoestrogens and ellagic acid in the pomegranate seed oil act antioxidant, protect the cells from free radicals, improve the moisture content.
• Wild rose oil for the cell regeneration of the skin
• The smoothing and stabilizing effect on the barrier layer of the stratum corneum, especially for dry and scaly skin, is improved by the unsaturated transretinoic acid in wild rose oil and the vitamin A in carotene seed oil, the collagen production is stimulated.
• Vetiver has a blood circulation boosting as well as elasticity enhancing effect.
• Grapefruit oil, neroli oil and sweet fennel oil sooth dry and scaly skin as well as calm and harmonize all senses. The skin regains elasticity and strength. It becomes noticeably
U S E :
Apply the Oleum Corpus after shower or bath on the still slightly moist skin – always in the direction of the lymph flow from the feet upwards. The oil merges with the moisture creating an emulsion together and can so be absorbed deeply by the skin. By gently massaging it into the skin, the tissue is strengthened and detoxified. It is very effective against
I T C A N A L S O B E U S E D A S A P E E L I N G :
Mix some of the Oleum Corpus with fine Himalayan salt or brown sugar and massage it before showering as a peeling into your skin. Allow it to work for about 5 minutes and then
rinse thoroughly without soap. The skin becomes soft as velvet and does not need any further care.
Repair Care

Oleum Curatio is due to its exceptionally regenerative and nourishing effect a precious “all-round oil” to improve the tissue structure, the elasticity and the smoothness of the skin, as well as for relief and prevention of age and facial expressions. Even as a restructuring hair oil it is excellently suitable. Oleum Curatio also provides moisture and relieve by reddened and sun damaged skin. It calms and nourishes the irritated skin parts.

I N G R E D I E N T S :
• The precious Tamanu oil is revered in the South Seas as “the holy oil”: the lipids contained therein penetrate into the lowest layers of the skin and thus favor the renewal of the cell membranes.
• Especially the callophyllum oil supports healing processes for inflammatory skin conditions, dry skin or age spots.
• The olive oil in its fatty acid composition is very similar to the one in the subcutaneous fat tissue. The natural vitamin E promotes elasticity and resilience of the skin. It has an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant effect.
• Rosemary has an antibacterial effect, improves the blood circulation and regulates the sebum production.
• Sage has an antioxidative effect, stimulates tired skin and reduces wrinkles.
U S E :
In the evening dab some Oleum Curatio on the cleaned and still damp skin for about 2 minutes and then carry on with the chosen care ritual.
When required use Oleum Curatio more often during the day on the local skin area.
Bevor washing the hair massage in some drops of Oleum Curatio in the scalp and leave it in for about 15 minutes. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
Bevor blow drying your hair add 2 – 3 drops of Oleum Curatio into the towel dried hair tips and don’t rinse.
F U R T H E R F I E L D S O F A P P L I C A T I O N :
• Skin impurities and skin inflammations
• Age spots
• Eczemas
• Skin abrasions
• Psoriasis
• Scars
• Light burns
• Sweaty feet
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