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Luxury Massages in Merano, Italy

Our Massages:

Relaxation Massage with hot rose stamps or with alpine mountain herb stamps - Sport massage with jojoba and St. John’s wort - Vital massage with rosemary and meadowsweet - Aroma massage - Ayurveda massage - Recovered legs - Head massage -

With the warm herbal stamp massage a self-repair mechanism in the body is activated. Oils and herbs provide an intensive cleaning and care of the skin, the blood circulation is stimulated and the musculature becomes relaxed.
Whole body · 50 minutes · 115,00
A powerful deep tissue massage which works on all muscles intensely activates the blood circulation. St.John’s wort oil warms the musculature, supports the metabolism to detox after sport activities and provides lasting wellbeing.
Whole body · 50 minutes · 115,00
Bio energetic full body massage - stimulating, strengthening and warming. Meadowsweet and rosemary support the blood circulation and soften the tissue.
50 minutes
Aromatic oils invigorate the senses. Gentle, rhythmic movements have a relaxing and soothing effect on the muscles, enhance general wellbeing and restore the balance between body and mind. According to your state of mood you can choose your perfect formula:
• Fruity with lemon basil
• Sensory with ylang-ylang
• Herbal & fresh with Cistus/Nard/Galbanum
EFFECT: detoxifying, strengthening, regenerating and relieving tension.
The active ingredient complex of the naturally pure sesame oil is deeply massaged into the skin and inhibits the premature aging process. Vitamins A and E, Phyto-estrogens and lecithin provide stressed, pale and dry skin with all the necessary nutrients. The skin pores are opened, this prevents the build-up of harmful substances in the skin and it gets a smooth, youthful appearance. The warm sesame oil envelops body and soul like a protective coat, provides the skin with optimal moisture, helps with regeneration and strengthens the skin cells. This massage supports the detoxification of the tissue, relieves tension and stimulates the metabolism, for a light body feeling and firm, smooth skin. The massage stimulates the entire organism, the circulation, the lymphatic system and helps in the elimination of toxins and the natural waste materials of the metabolism.

Peeling, washing, massage + pressure point organ activation · 50 minutes · 115,00
Japanese pedicure to strengthen and care for the nails · 90 minutes · 195,00
First we do an herbal salt peeling with precious horse chestnut extracts to remove skin flakes and calluses, a foot wash follows with energized moon water.
Anointing with our freshly prepared herbal foot balm makes the skin velvety soft and particularly receptive for the subsequent foot massage and pressure point organ activation.
Specific foot areas and the associated organs are treated during the foot massage and pressure point activation. Tiny crystals, so-called deposition substances, settle on the nerve endings on the foot, which are dissolved by targeted acupressure. This normalizes the metabolism of the affected organ area. The treatment stimulates the activity of the internal organs and improves the blood and lymph circulation in order to release tensions and blockages throughout the body and to stimulate the flow of energy.
Japanese pedicure: a perfect combination of healthy and aesthetic nail care (also for men) without chemicals that makes your nails shine, with keratin - a protein that builds up and strengthens your nails, silica from the Dead Sea, protects against free radicals and counteracts nail aging with vitamins A, E and beeswax to make your nails shine and to protect them naturally.

This gentle massage solves tensions in the head, relieves pain and pressure in the neck area and provides lightness and wellbeing.
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