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Dear friends,
those of you who got to know me better, know that good food is one of the things in life that I value most. Eating for me is coming home, finding strength and peace, in the stream of every day life. This year, I am excited about eating even more than usually, because we brought the star chef Egon Heiss from the South Tyrolean Sarntal valley as chef de cuisine to the Fragsburg. The “inventor and wizard”, how the critics of the famous gourmet guide Gault Millau refer to him, has cooked in his long career for politicians, Formula-One stars, crowned heads and billionaires around the world, in spite of that, or perhaps because of that, he is deeply rooted in the earth and the traditions of South Tyrol and turns the uniqueness of our homeland with Italian refinement and experienced pleasures from all over the world into a passionate search for "the perfection of simplicity", as he himself puts it.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Alexander Ortner & the Fragsburg Team

Eastern at Fragsburg

Egon Heiss celebrates his debut with the celebration of Easter at the Fragsburg, which is one of the most beautiful traditions in the mountains. We will show you the custom of coloring eggs with flower and plant stock of onion, beetroot, spinach and elderberry, the Easter champion “Peckn" in the rose garden and Egon prepares you an opulent Easter brunch on Sunday with a special sweet smelling Easter bread. In addition, a place of honor is reserved in the racecourse of Meran at the Fragsburg tribune for the Easter Monday Haflinger horse race, which kicks off this year's racing season and starts with a splendid parade.

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Fragsburg Arrangements

Fragsburg arrangements

So that you can plan easier your personal Fragsburg year aligned to your special wishes, we have divided our arrangements according to different interests and priorities in clear categories:

  • Classic
  • Culinary
  • Romance
  • Tradition
  • Once in a lifetime
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Transformation

.19TH - 23RD OF APRIL 2019
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