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.Renate collects roses for the precious queen facial oil

Renate de Mario Gamper

Modern Alchemist with a sense for the beautiful

The herbalist, nutritionist and specialist in Western incense tradition, Renate De Mario Gamper is responsible for the content of the 1st alchemistic Spa Castellum Natura at Castel Fragsburg high above Merano. Since its launch in spring 2015 of the revolutionary worldwide unique concept - it only has freshly prepared elixirs in use of handpicked flowers and herbs based on Renates recipes – fills the discerning guests of the smallest 5-star hotel in South Tyrol as well as the international media with enthusiasm: This year the 1st alchemistic Spa Castellum Natura is crowned with the sought-after International Lux Spa Award.

.Gems of Nature in the Castellum Natura
.Transformation is the elemental force of nature

The Magic of Nature

When the attractive Italian from South Tyrol is walking through the forests and meadows, she kneels down for hours in front of the countless flowers and herbs and explains passionately their healing effects and properties.

Since her childhood and the long summers she used to spend in the mountains with her grandparents, she knows her way – the way of nature.
“I feel like a sorceress in a treasury, when I look at the incredible diversity of the plants around me and when I feel their amazing power and the gift Mother Earth is bestowing on me. In former days it was essential in order to survive as well as natural knowing that verbena is the birth herb of the moon goddess Isis, the unicorn root a tonic for the uterus, mother cumin soothes the gastric juices and stinging nettle strengthens our immune system, refreshes skin and brings hair to shine, or that the golden root relieves colic.”

.Each recipe is freshly prepared from handpicked herbs and flowers

The sensuous access to the flora of South Tyrol inherited Renate from a long line of wise women who lived in remote mountain farms in the natural rhythm of the seasons studying and applying the secrets of nature. "Although it was a very simple life, full of privation without the conveniences that have become normal to us, the women in my family were not only diligent, but also concerned with their look. They used the power of herbs and flowers not only for healing, but also for natural beauty care", smiles the pretty mother of four children, which herself gives attention to her own beauty and elegance, no matter where she goes, even if she goes out to pick herbs and flowers in the woods. “Especially in the face of this incomparable natural splendor, it´s normal to me that it inspires me to become a mirror," she says and blushes.

.Renate comes from a long line of wise nature women
The more I discover, the more I wonder .
The more I wonder, the more I bow .
The more I bow , the more I discover.

Albert Einstein

"Beauty is the tribute to our existence for me. I mean a beauty that is not possible to describe with words, but which I know is there, when I see it. The kind of beauty which is radiant and genuine fascinates me," describes the herbalist and nutritionist her philosophy. For this reason, she did not hesitate for a moment when she was invited to contribute with her recipes and traditional knowledge to create the content for the 1st alchemistic Spa Castellum Natura at the Fragsburg. "I always follow my intuition and I am convinced that this concept is not only unique, but represents a new dimension of beauty care. Through the freshly prepared formulations of handpicked flowers and herbs, which we partially enrich with gem dust and energize them in black violet Miron glasses, we connect with the most powerful forces that exist in our universe."

.Rosmarinus officinalis , discovered in ancient times as a powerful medicinal herb
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