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Sacred Arts Seminarium

For people searching for inspiration, transformation and fulfillment and for those wanting to celebrate life with rituals and the wisdom of nature.

The Sacred Arts Seminarium is an extraordinary place, perfect for self-healing and self-improvement. It is a retreat school for energy cultivation and refining and harmonising mind, body and soul. The Sacred Arts Seminarium is housed in the majestic 13th century Paternum knight’s castle overlooking Merano, a South Tyrolean spa town shaped by the Habsburg dynasty. At a historic place of power unlike anywhere else in the world, it is nestled in the Fragsburg Forest and the breathtakingly beautiful castle gardens on the sun-drenched mountain. The wondrous power of nature in the Fragsburg Forest and Park, the safe bubble of the Sanctuarium treehouse on the Fragsburg Cliffs, the wise and mystical power of the Fragsburg Paternum knight’s castle and the elegant beauty of the Fragsburg Maternum hunting lodge join forces to create an unearthly and enchanting place that gives you the feeling it moves beyond any concept of space and time and is a place where anything is possible.

Our universe intersects with an electromagnetic network consisting of constantly changing threads of energy. Every being is conditioned in accordance with their frequency and properties. The most obvious way to spot this is through the physiological and psychophysical effects on the body and mind. Our body is an extremely sensitive vehicle that responds to every vibration in the form of positive or negative emotions, thoughts, physical symptoms and behavioural patterns. If modern medicine believed solely in influence through genetics and environment, it has now been scientifically proven that we have direct control and can improve our physical and mental health and activate unused resources and untapped potential.

Bellé Flora takes what was once reserved for the scholars and the chosen few in the mystery schools of millennia-old wisdom from the ancient world, the Ancient Egyptians and the advanced civilisations in Asia as inspiration in her retreats and workshops with the eight sacred arts:

“The sacred arts are creative and natural forms of expression and healing rituals that make our personal energy signature resonate with creativity and joy, with a sense of self-worth and self-love, with expressiveness and gratitude, with beauty, grace, sensitivity and humbleness towards nature. Every one of us can turn their life into a soulful work of art.”


Bellé Flora
(Founder of the Sacred Arts Seminariums)

The healing, nourishing, cleansing and rejuvenating effect of the eight sacred arts can be scientifically proven. Regular practice helps the human body to shake up a precious biochemical cocktail that Bellé describes as ‘ambrosia’ (food of the Gods). It contains dopamine and serotonin for creativity; oxytocin and endorphins for strength and energy; melatonin for relaxation and clarity as well as DHEA (dehydroeplandrosterone) and GH (somatotropin) hormones for cell regeneration, vitality, youth and a long life.

Sacred arts muse and founder of the Sacred Arts Seminarium Bellé Flora ended up at the Fragsburg in 2014 through a stroke of fate, after the German native spent 20 years gaining a wealth of valuable experience as a mindset coach and was able to learn from worldly and spiritual mentors and have plenty of self-practice in Brazil, Peru, the USA, the UK, Bali, India, Thailand, Hawaii and Australia. The yoga and dance instructor, author, moon priestess and artist of sound medicine has spent the past six years creating a sacred space with castle owner Alexander Ortner.

The estate’s dynamic energy gives it a healing effect, making it the perfect destination for holistic and enriching travel and personal development retreats.
You will find all information on the retreats and workshops, including their dates, on the following pages.

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