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Meditation & Yoga retreat Dolomites, Italy

Sacred Arts - Primal Force for body, mind and spirit
Breath work. Yoga. Meditation. Chacra Balance. Sound Baths.

In the here and now

Find your own rhythm

It isn’t easy to simply appreciate the present moment, freed from obligations and permitted simply to flow with the moment. For some people, that means enjoying a glass of fine wine and a long-awaited book. Other people find their inner balance through sporting activities, energy exercises, focused breathing or harmonising treatments like sound baths or attentive massages. Free of life’s pressures, you will find yourself at liberty to discover your own rhythm, and touch on your personal fine art of living. At your pleasure we will take you by the hand on this journey.

.unfold like a flower


Transformation and Relaxation

If we lose touch with the rhythms of nature, it’s often the simplest things that can help us reconnect. Fluid breathing and yoga exercises, guided meditations and harmonising sound baths – we offer a variety of ways to restore your inner strength and indulge your sensuous side.

Monday to Friday, free of charge for our hotel guests

Morning Yoga & Sound Bath Relaxation

Begin your day with an energizing Yoga ritual and end it with a nourishing Sound Bath Relaxation in our lovely Sanctuarium with our Muse Bellé Flora. Morning Yoga takes place from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and the Sound Bath Relaxation from 7 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. (Monday to Friday).
Please book at the reception since places are limited.

Inspiration, lightness, peace and beauty
At one with nature
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Our Sanctuarium offers breath work, yoga, meditation with tea ceremony and chacra balance, .
Breathe. Feel.
Flow. Be.
The sacred arts at Castel Fragsburg

Bellé Flora

The art of genuine living

Bellé Flora is a yoga and dance teacher, a singer and sound artist. She is a muse of the sacred arts. True to her mantra – “Be simple. Be fluid. Be true.” – she teaches yoga, breath work, chakra balance, guides meditations and tea ceremonies, gives sound bathes and holds space for body sings soul rituals that allow you to return to your everyday live with more inner balance, joy and inspiration.

.Bellé inspiration


Ground yourself and let go

Breathe in. Breathe out. Don’t think about what’s coming next. The five sacred arts don’t require any particular knowledge or talent. They aim simply to set your thoughts, feelings and body free, and to allow you to express your own inspiration. You may surprise even yourself.

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Castel Fragsburg is hibernating

Unfortunately, because of the current situation we have to postpone our opening. We will open our doors once it is safe and the health policy allows us to do so. Of course, we are at your disposal you can reach us by phone or mail during the following office hours. (Mon – Fri: 09:00 - 15:00)

Extended cancellation policy for 2020

We want that, at least for your holiday planning, you don’t have to worry. Therefor we have changed our cancellation policy for this season. You can change or cancel new or existing reservations for free until 48 hours prior to your arrival.