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.The smell of Palo Santo, the holly wood from the Amazon.
.The Sanctuarium, sits like an eagle's nest on the Fragsburg ledge.

Sacred Arts

Breath School. Yoga. Meditation. Chakrabalance. Soundbaths. Body sings Soul.

Whoever passes through the green-white-painted door of the bamboo covered wooden cottage, which sits like an eagle's nest high above Merano on the Fragsburg ledge, feels instinctively closer to the heavens. The aroma of palo santo, the sacred wood from the Amazon, floats in the air. Wind chimes made of shells and birds' nests are blowing in the slight breeze, Balinese prayer cloths and colorful protection mandalas decorate the shrine, a bronze statue of a mermaid is looking thoughtfully at the horizon, while wild vines growing through the cracks and climb along the walls to the ground. The view stretches far over the treetops up to the majestic mountains in South Tyrol. The magic of this blessed place inspires naturally to linger a while.

.The Freedom to just be in the Moment.


Unique Place of Power

Even skeptics to whom any spiritual body work is rather strange, are immediately enchanted by the atmosphere in the sanctuary.

"This place has nothing to do with a fitness or yoga studio. It is a place of power, which opens us energetically for the mightiness of nature and its influence on our well-being, "describes sacred arts muse Bellé Flora the sanctuary. The singer, harpist, yoga and mystical dance teacher explains "we expand our consciousness and our physical and mental agility and strength through the sacred arts, bringing the energies in a harmonious flow and therefore we are more relaxed, generous and sensual with ourselves and our environment."

.Sacred Arts Muse Bellé Flora

Discover new potentials

Bellé’ s classes are not just about yoga, breathing, meditation and chakra training, but about how to support people to build more confidence in themselves and their inner truth.

"I want to show my students that it is possible for everyone to use the healing power of breath, meditation and sound to transform stuck and crystallized energies and to develop new capacities through yoga and the activation of our seven main chakras.”

The only requirement: Letting go of prejudices and all that detains us from accepting ourselves the way we are in order to have a healthy and fulfilled life.

Keep it simple. Keep it flowing. Keep it true.

Bellé Flora

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Fragsburg 3 · 
39012 Meran · Italy
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