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60 minutes
65,00 €
The breath or “Prâna” and “Chi” how it is called in India or China, supply our body and soul with vital life force. Through the breath we can balance physical and mental tensions as well as cleanse and activate body and soul. By conscious breathing exercises it is possible to balance out and activate the energetic body of our organism, to obtain more concentration and joy as well as to activate our metabolism.

Mastering the art of smooth and steady breathing gives us the ability to deal with whatever life might bring us – with creativity and true inner calm. The practice of conscious breathing liberates us, improves our health and gives us the chance to experience the natural dance between movement and breath. The goal: to teach you a set of simple breathing exercises to be practiced in your everyday life – for more balance, joy and inspiration.

60 minutes
65,00 €
“Chakras” are the energy centres in our body, which circle in different frequencies like fire wheels. They sparkle in all colours of the spectrum. In every human being these colours
fuse into the personal aura, which connects us to the cosmos. The seven main chakras and several secondary chakras lie within nerve tissues, in which there is strong electrical activity. Through behaviors like refusal and resistance the autonomic nervous system can block the energy flow in the chakras. The result is a weakened general condition, chronic malaise and dissatisfaction. With simple breathing exercises, visualizations and the toning of Sanskrit syllables, you can balance the activity of the chakras and the energy distribution in your
65,00 €
Meditation means to return to your inner self and to reach a broadened consciousness through breathing techniques and the repetition of spoken, sang or silent mantras. In meditation mindfulness and silence can be experienced and spread soothingly and refreshing throughout the organism. You may find answers to questions that you have been dealing with for a long time and a deep connection with the source of life inside yourself. The final tea ceremony accomplishes this strengthening ritual of inner contemplation and expansion of consciousness.
50,00 €
High-pitched tones have been used over thousands of years in early high cultures as curative and relaxation medicine. Even today are Tibetan and Crystal bowls, bells and gongs in the Far Eastern religions an important part of their prayer and meditation rituals. During the sound relaxation bath the participants lay comfortably covered on a mat and experience the soothing and deeply relaxing effect of the sound wave created by bronze and crystal bowls, sun gong, chanting, and several nature instruments like the snails viola or wooden frog. The frequencies of the sound waves influence the brain currents and the remembrance of the cells in a healing manner.
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