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Fragsburg sacred arts seminars in tree house „Sanctuarium“
Max. 2-6 women only

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Program Sacred Arts Crescent Moon Seminar
Our embodied Sacred Arts Muse, Bellé Flora, created her "Sanctuary" on the Fragsburg rock, directly on the cliff, in a tree hut. With the initiation in the 8 Sacred Arts:
Sacred Breath, Sacred Meditation, Sacred Journal, Sacred Biofilia, Sacred Yoga, Sacred Beauty, Sacred Chant and Sacred Dance she teaches you the knowledge and riches of her own journey and life experience that brought her from the Upper Bavarian mountains via Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, London and Bali back to the Alps after almost 20 years - to South Tyrol. With her Sacred Arts seminars, the certified yoga and mystical dance teacher, harpist and medicine soul singer creates fertile ground for the cultivation of sacred female energy that every woman holds inside. Bellé's inspiration: "May we see, feel and express soulful beauty and be a blessing in this universe."

The three Sacred Arts seminars are dedicated to a specific topic that is actually a question. For a wise man once said to Bellé that wisdom is not obtained through answers, but through the right questions.

Sacred Arts Seminar on the New Moon in Spring (2.5.-5.5.19)
Theme: What is my gift?

Sacred Arts Seminar on the Rising Moon in Summer (July 4 - 7, 19)
Topic: What is my job?

Sacred Arts Seminar on the full moon in autumn (11.10. - 14.10.19)
Where am I going?

You learn to integrate the 8 Sacred Arts into your everyday life in a natural flowing way with simplicity and authenticity. The continual practice of the 8 sacred arts will awaken your unlimited creativity, sharpen your mind, strengthen your voice, sculpt your temple body and sublimate your feminine expression. You experience the alchemy of body, mind, soul and voice. These subtle ways to develop your individual feminine self-expression need no prior education, just the readiness to heal, to ground, and to grow yourself through body, mind, soul, and voice.

This series of three weekend seminars, which can build on each other, but also stand alone, is divided into the phases of the moon: New moon; crescent waxing moon and full moon, as well as the natural rhythm of the seasons, beginning with spring, followed by summer and autumn, Bellé Flora creates together with you a magnetic resonance field for beauty, grace, love, health, creativity, joy, sensuality, gratitude and deep fulfillment. During the winter, we rest and reflect to prepare for the next cycle. We use everything we learned and experienced during the Sacred Arts seminars.

You may choose to attend only one seminar, two, or all three Sacred Arts seminars with a special discount, whichever suits your personal preference the most.

Each of the seminars includes:
  • 3 nights in a Junior Suite with breakfast Royale
  • Evry night an alkaline gourmet dinner
  • Light lunch during the day
  • Daily Sacred Arts courses with Bellè Flora

    Price per person in double occupancy for 1 seminar from 1320,00 €, for 2 seminars from 1188,00 € and if you participate on all 3 of them the price is from 1056,00 € per seminar
  • Fragsburg Private Soul Luxury
    - the private retreat for body, mind and spirit
    7 days of soul luxury, for those who can afford to pay attention to the essentials and want to take time out for themselves to return transformed and with renewed energy to everyday life. During our alchemical wellness retreat, we pamper you with the purest and most natural and introduce you to the Sacred Arts. With yoga, breath work, chakra balance, relaxation through sound and applied herbal medicine wisdom, we will give you precious knowledge and inspiration, which can be used, also when you are back home again.
    Learn to start the day with the sun salutation during morning yoga, discover the benefits of consciously breathing, activate your energy centers and experience the harmonizing effects of a sound bath with our Sacred Arts muse Bellé Flora in the “Fragsburger Sanctuarium”. Explore the healing powers and the application of the Local herbs and flowers during a forest excursion with picnic and workshop guided by the modern alchemist and herbalist Renate De Mario Gamper and let yourself be spoiled in our unique 1st alchemistic Spa Castellum Natura with fresh flower baths in the wooden tub, herbal compress massages and beauty rituals as well as sauna and steam bath visits to nurture yourself from the inside out. Also, relax and refresh yourself at our outdoor pool in the flowering castle garden. In addition, there are free e-bikes available for exploring our beautiful forest and hiking trails around Fragsburg. A detailed consultation on the most suitable routes can be obtained free of charge at our reception.

  • 7 nights in a Junior Suite
  • Welcome cocktail with drinks and snacks from the gourmet kitchen on the panoramic terrace
  • Breakfast Royale and Fragsburg Gourmet arrangement (we are pleased to consider your diet)
  • 3 x Morning yoga à 60 minutes from 9 to 10am
  • 1 x Breath Work à 60 minutes
  • 1 x Chakra balance à 45 minutes
  • 1 x Sound bath (Tibetan sound bowls, crystal bowls, sun gong and nature instruments)
  • 1 x Healing herbal nature excursion with picnic and workshop (6 hours)
  • 1 x Herbal compress massage (à 45 minutes)
  • 1 x Flower bath in the wooden tub in the Panorama-Lodge
  • 1 x Queen ritual for women or Apollo ritual for men

    Price per person in double occupancy from 2423,00 €
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    Extended cancellation policy for 2020

    We want that, at least for your holiday planning, you don’t have to worry. Therefor we have changed our cancellation policy for this season. You can change or cancel new or existing reservations for free until 48 hours prior to your arrival.