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A hotel dedicated to the art of fine living

Surrounded by wild grapes and an idyllic garden, the Fragsburg has sat high above the spa resort of Merano in South Tyrol for almost 400 years. With a style that’s both graceful and highly personal, and a refined, lavish approach to life, the former hunting lodge is now a fabulous 5 Star hotel in Merano that is sought out by those looking for luxurious and sensuous experiences.

It’s a place of refuge and power, with a magnificent garden (approx. 50,000 m2), exquisite suites and hidden nooks and crannies that create a perfect ambience for magical, highly personal moments. In the heated outdoor pool in the rose garden or on the panorama terrace, our guests can bask in the sunshine that is nature’s greatest gift to the Fragsburg: No other place in the whole of South Tyrol enjoys as many hours of sunshine. The Fragsburg has been cultivated with great dedication into a harmonious whole, with antique furniture, contemporary designer items and a hint of art deco. The historic hunting lodge has been restored and renovated over time by the Ortner family, with an eye for beauty and a heart for history. And in front of the hotel, a classic motorbike and sidecar in royal red promise bohemian flair.

.Everything but the mundane.
.A place designed with an eye for beauty and a nostalgic heart.
A palpable
sense of history
Close to heaven, anchored in stone, rooted deep in the earth

Alexander Ortner

Lord of the Fragsburg

Even a building as steeped in history as the Fragsburg needs someone with the vision to bring it to life and give it a future. Following in the footsteps of two generations of his family before him, this is the task that Alexander Ortner has dedicated himself to. And in so-doing he has established a firm patch of earth on which the simple things are the most valuable; where the fundamentals of life are those most treasured.

.The Fragsburg Triumvirate: Alexander with sons Max and Xandy.

The Fragsburg

Then and now

Even in Mozart’s day, Castel Fragsburg was already old and venerable. Built in 1624 as a hunting lodge, over the centuries countless stories and events have unfolded within these walls. When it was acquired by the Ortner family in 1954, they personally dedicated themselves to carefully uncovering this history and restoring it piece by piece.

“Far too often, time flies past. Of course, nobody can make it stop. But it can be slowed down to its proper speed.”

Alexander Ortner

Welcome to Castel Fragsburg.
Welcome to the
heights above Merano.
Where we meet halfway between heaven and earth.
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Fragsburg 3 · 
39012 Meran · Italy
· +39 0473 244071 · IT 01629410216

Das Castel Fragsburg macht Winterschlaf.
Castel Fragsburg is hibernating
Il Castel Fragsburg va in letargo

Bis voraussichtlich 11.05.2021
Presumibilmente fino il 28.04.2021
Presumably until 28.04.2021

office hours:
mo – fr: 09:00 - 15:00
phone: 0039 0473 244071